A Few Facts

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for having an interest in my website. My name is Dulshan Kalpage and I am a graduate, fresh off a completed degree at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

I first moved to Australia from my home country of Sri Lanka alone, at 18 years of age. Since I was small, I’ve always wanted to do things, fulfill achievements by myself, and this was no different. Aside from incredible support and faith from my parents and a bit of help from a few close family friends, I set out to build my own foundation in life, my way.


Sri Lanka is a country where education is highly regarded. Parents somehow try their very best to send their children to schools, then universities; it’s literally a place where the first thing about you that you tell another person, when making an introduction is your current educational status (at school, at uni- doing a degree, etc.)

In my case, this was no different. I went to an International School- St. Nicholas’ International College, and hence the name, English overtook my native language of Sinhala as the primary and most capable. During my school years, my command of the language became very strong, which was then carried over to my transition to Australia later on. I used to read and write stories a lot (especially horror); this is part of the reason to the direction followed by this project.

The Rank4 Story

Nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in 2015, I became very interested in the idea of self-work, invention. In other words, Entrepreneurship. I believed I had a couple of skills, knowledge and real world experience, that could benefit others that have an interest to follow a similar path, whether it be this idea, or the ideas, thoughts and knowledge presented within this project. Self-motivation, health and strength of mind became a key area of interest to me.

So how could I channel all these ideas and experiences? The answer came in the form of rank4. 

Fitness and WellBeing

I used to be, what you’d call an average, chubby kid. Hopeless at any sport or physical activity, constantly bullied, only ability being able to get the grades at school (which ended up in more bullying).

All that ended at 11 years of age, when my Dad made me join the Japan Karate-do-Shotokan (JKS) Association of Sri Lanka. I lost all the excess weight, began to get more involved in sports and ended the bullying (nickname changed to Karate Kid). I trained in Karate all the way upto the brown belt- though I ended it there before I received it due to impending exams at school (Sri Lankan education importance factor again), and besides still being involved in Badminton, athletics and working out at the gym, I did not involve myself in martial art, until later on when I made the move to Australia.

Then and now (2014). 10 years of difference. And the hardest work put in was only during the last few months.

Then and now (2014). 10 years of difference. And the hardest work put in was only during the last few months.

Importance of Physical Training to Me

As mentioned in the article Foundations, since moving to Australia, I had to face several challenges, some very mentally taxing, in addition to being a full time student and working part time. Dealing with these challenges and the stress, I found the gym and martial art to be the pivot in the lever of consistent happiness.

I was lucky enough to have found a nearby gym that worked out to both the lifter and the martial artist, (and having the best member fee as well). So I got into kickboxing and weight lifting right away and to me, this was the key.

Notice that even though the load on the left (Responsibilities of life) seems to appear greater than the one on the right, the scale is still balanced.

Notice that even though the load on the left (Responsibilities of life) seems to appear greater than the one on the right, the scale is still balanced.

Inspirations and Honorable Mentions

There are many, but I will point out the main entities:

The man that got me into proper training, in addition to helping me open my mind to solutions for problems in the ongoing circle of life: Elliott Hulse

Buddhism has been a constant and great source of wisdom. It’s teachings, ideas and openminded-ness was like a light in the dark to me- especially in the worst, rock-bottom moments. One person that has always been able to communicate the philosophy like crystal clear water, Ajahn Brahm

My parents, for incredible support all the way back from my home country. They never lost faith, even during my worst mistakes. To be so lucky as to have them, two people who ensured I would be able to be this, today. And to be blessed with a great family as well.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, always be proud of it. At the end of the day, that's all you've got.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, always be proud of it. At the end of the day, that's all you've got.


Since I was very small, I had a massive interest in technology. I didn’t get my own computer until I was 16 years old, but before that, I used a Pentium 3, 32mb RAM, 8mb VGA (best in class at that time) that belonged to a cousin who was staying at our place. From cracking into his admin account on Windows XP back then, to building my very own PC (Pentium D) later on, I had the “geek bug”.

Just before making the move in 2010, I got my first ever smartphone, the Android powered Motorola Moto Defy. Soon after, I got into the game of flashing custom roms, customizing, opening up bootloaders, bricking and reviving, kernel changing fun, closely related and powered by the IT studies I was undertaking at Swinburne University. My focus moved from PC to Android. Later on, I got into the world of mobile app development, bought a MacBook (thanks to parents again), and (ironically) taught myself Apple iOS application development.


Somewhere during this time, I started taking a high interest in music. Walking around with earphones always on, saving money to buy better IEM’s and at the same time flashing audio mods and hacking my Android device to push out audiophile-grade audio. 

This habit was pushed on even more from music/earphones being a must-have at the gym as well as being a “natural pre-workout” by itself.



Another one of my key interests, I had a habit of constantly downloading high resolution wallpapers to make my computer screen, even my smartphone display look “fancy”. However, this is not the same as redistributing them- there is a matter known as “Copyright”. 

With rank4 WallBase, the focus is to not restrict the user in this way; as I myself got the material from Copyright free sources, the user is free to edit, use, distribute, whatever you want with the wallpaper, however, as a courtesy, it would be nice if you could credit where you got them from, as I will.

Image Sources

Unsplash by Crew


All wallpaper has been edited by myself to look even better and resolution set to a fixed 1080p (1920x1080). I may use higher resolution in the future, however, due to current limitations, this is it. If you personally need a copy of the original, send an email to me and I will be happy to provide.

Conclusion and Support

Firstly, as a Disclaimer, let me tell you that the ideas, knowledge and information provided on this site is purely as I see it. I may be wrong, it may not work for you the same, whatever it may be. However, they are also Tried and True, which means that they come from personal experiences and growth that I have had containing lessons I have learnt. I prefer to actually go try something, even fall flat on my face, than just sit on a chair and "analyze" all day with no work done in the end. And this to me, has been the best teacher.

Secondly, as you may have guessed by now, this is a project founded and run by myself personally. All the information is upfront and complete, which means no “buy my eBook for full story!”, or paid subscriptions to access all content. It takes time, effort and money to keep this running and though the spread of knowledge is far above money as the goal to me, there are costs incurred by myself in the running of this site. 

Therefore, for the time being, the site is ad supported. Having run ad blockers for literally all my web browsing life, I know how intrusive and odd advertisements can be to the experience, but as the provider, I need them to keep all this running through what little I could get back from them. Although I will not restrict anything if you have an ad blocker on, in addition to making whatever advertisement as less intrusive as possible, hopefully, you understand where I am coming from. 


If you decide to support this cause, a PayPal Donation is also available. Both Paypal.me and Donate methods are available at the bottom of this page. 

Thank You,

Dulshan: rank4, Founder

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